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Marco Del Rossi
08 March 2007 @ 09:39 am
So I'm actually updating this in the middle of my psych lecture =X But Dylan kept nagging me about it and I randomly remembered mid-falling asleep on my desk a few seconds ago.

If I fail this course I blame it on him. Naturally.

Anyway, I'm sure all of Toronto has heard by now since Paige knows, but I am now engaged. =D As in I have a ring on my finger and I'm ecstatic and practically glowing whenever anyone asks about it. It's kind of embarrassing really. But, I'm very happy. That ring was almost three years in waiting.

Otherwise I really and honestly have nothing else of importance going on. I kind of recently threw myself into my schoolwork, which quite frankly, is not the smartest thing to do. I've been cranky at just about everyone and I really shouldn't be, especially given the circumstances. Spring break however, is here, so I expect to mend that. More excitement issues.

And...my professor just looked at me. Eugh, he probably knows I'm not paying attention. -_- I'll um...come back to this later. Later days.
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Marco Del Rossi
07 February 2007 @ 09:34 pm
I love how I forgot about this thing already! I completely and utterly blame it on Dylan because he needs about as much attention as a puppy. A very needy, ADD puppy. That and I blame my classwork, which requires even more attention than Dylan suprisingly enough. I'm just chock full of excuses.

The problem though is that the excuses makes the fact that Paige has been here really sad because well...having someone here without being able to actually talk to them much is never fun! I think she's actually spoken more to Ellie than me, which everyone knows is suprising. =]

And um, yeah. I finished all my work today, so hopefully for the next few days I'll attack everyone due to my lack of human contact for the past forever.

Feel free to IM me too. Distraction is a beautiful thing. As is procrastination.
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Marco Del Rossi
I woke up this morning and realized about halfway through my third cup of coffee that I rather like my life. I dunno, perhaps it was the half-asleep state talking or simply the late night Saved by the Bell marathon, but I decided for some reason that I should try writing down some of this crazy stuff people refer to as everyday life. Why? I haven't figured that out yet, but you'll be the first to know when I do. ;] But while I sit here complete with messy just-taken-an-exam-hair and reading glasses (do not picture that in your head) I'll see if I can make this sound somewhat understandable.

So, for starters, my name is Marco Del Rossi, proud Canadian and Italian, nineteen years old, high school valedictorian, gay, political activist, and known to deal a mean hand in Eucher. Apparently also good at rambling because that wasn't even a proper sentence whatsoever XD But oh well.

It seems almost like yesterday that I was getting in trouble every few minutes in class because I was passing college brochures to Paige and whispering with a great deal more volume than necessary on dorm rooms and course work. And yet here I am...living in the brochure so to speak, a college student at last. And quite frankly, it's not exactly what I expected at all.

For one, Paige isn't even here. I can't even begin to tell you how saddening that is. Luckily she visits regularly and she's living the dream but hey, when one of the BFs runs off you've got to do a little mourning period right? Ellie however is still here, sleeping right across the hall from me so I've gotten to keep at least one of them for the time being. Trust me, I'd go insane by myself. Though technically, I'm hardly alone, but the whole living with Dylan situation is another thing entirely.

The classes aren't much different than high school, which surprised me to death in the beginning, but routine is a nice comfy thing and I've fallen into it with a sigh of relief. College has also turned me into an even bigger nerd than before though. I feel like all I'm ever doing is reading this novel, writing this paper, posting to this discussion board. I'm a walking and talking university assignment. But I still know how to have fun! If you call getting your ass handed to you by Dylan and Ellie at Soul Caliber fun. =]

It is Dylan's duty as my boyfriend to keep me from taking life too seriously though. The second he notices me studying for more than two hours he runs in for what he calls "brain damage intervention", which usually ends up looking something similar to being tickled right into the floor.

The tall, blonde blond thing however is at hockey practice right now so I'm going to use the time to go read the chapter for anthropology. I want it done because it's my night to make dinner. Later days.
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